High school to college – Part 2: Exitingly terrified

Hello everyone!

In my last post (High School to college – Part 1 – My Acceptance) I mentioned how excited I was to start college. How I felt like it’s really going to be a place for me to bring out who I really am, which I still believe in.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not terrified.

There are about 3 different things that mortify me. Hopefully, in the future when I read back on this post, I’ll laugh and realize that I had nothing to worry about.


1. I’m worried about my major


As I said before, I’ve already declared my major: psychology.
I’ve never taken any formal psychology class before, but I know I want to help people mentally (maybe in a later post I’ll talk into the specifics into why). But what worries me is, what if I end up not loving psychology as much as I thought?

I know that it’s perfectly fine, and that I could just change my major, but, to what?

I don’t really know what else I would like to study. So, I’m afraid I’m going to waste my time and money until I figure it out.


2. My classes

College is just like a whole different world with a new set of rules.

From what I’ve heard from my high school teachers, some college professors are either very lenient, or very strict. And that those strict professors can have lots of homework and hard test.

I feel like I can handle all the work and study for test, but this kinda goes with my next point.

3. I have too high of an expectation for myself

I expect too much from me. I expect myself to get straight A’s (I’ve been doing so all my 4 yeas of high school), do perfectly on test, I also want to be involved in clubs, maybe have a job, and also attend social events.

In summary, I know I want to do all of this things, and it’s just not all possible. I’m afraid to push myself too much and put aside my actual well-being and mental heath.

I’m very conscious of this, so don’t worry, I promise to try to take things slow and put my health first and try to find a balance.

Bonus – Money

Isn’t everyone? There are millions of students that have huge amounts of student loans. I don’t want to be another statistic, and be in debt the first years of my career.

All in all, these are all problems that college students face. I shouldn’t let it affect my college experience.

So yes, it’s scary, but I need to overcome it. They’re not going to go away, I need to give it time.

Thanks for reading and letting me get this off my chest!

-Jackie Holmes

“Wake up and be ready to work hard. The universe has given you everything you need to succeed, stop holding yourself back because you are comfortable. There will be times when the security of what you are use to will be dominant in your mind, but it is not what you truly want. Get up and push yourself, you are more than capable.”

–Amy Kennedy, Security Blanket

P.S: 85 days until graduation 🎓


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