Reminder for the people with only a few months of school left

This is it guys! The last few months of school!

For me, it’s about two more months, and then, I’ll be done with my senior year of high school!

It doesn’t matter what grade you’re passing onto next year, or going into work, this is the time when students all around start procrastinating just because we’re almost at the end.

Here’s my little reminder:

Keep studying, keep working on those projects, essays, presentations…

You do not want to make small mistakes that will end up affecting you greatly. You need to finish things the correct way. Make yourself proud.

You’ve been working hard all year long to let yourself down at the end.

It’s hard, I recognize it. Even I have trouble keeping up during this time. I signed up for the AP Government test, and I have absolutely no motivation to start studying; but I will. Even if I have to give up all the things I like to do temporary, I will start studying and get a good score.

These are my tips to help you finish the year strong:

Start your work (and studying) in advance

If you get a final project or test, and the teacher is gracious enough to give it to you 1 week or more in advance…START IT RIGHT AWAY.

Do not put it off until the last moment. Think of it this way – The sooner you start, the sooner you can get it done and you won’t have everything piled up.

Take it one class at a time

Once you work starts piling up, it’s easy wanting to multi-task and do everything at the same time. Divide your work by class, then focus all your attention on one at a time. Also, prioritize the work that it’s due first.

It feels so much better finishing all the work from one class, than small parts of all of your class.

Take breaks and sleep well

I know that once you get into the study or work zone, you don’t want to stop. That’s amazing, if you feel like you can keep working, then do it. But if you consonantly feel yourself drifting off and getting distracted…TAKE A BREAK.

Go to the gym, talk a mini walk, have a snack, stretch, wash your dishes…

Distract yourself for no more than 10-20 minutes to clear you mind, and then get back to work.

Don’t pull an all nighter studying/finishing a project. You are going to feel terrible the next day. The best thing to do is go to sleep, and wake up early the next day and continue what you were doing.

Take care of yourself

If you’re doing everything that you possibly can to prepare, but you’re putting that in front of you physical and mental health – it’s not worth it. Just walk away believing that you’ve done the very best that you can.

I know you might have very high expectations and don’t want to disappoint yourself, but at the end of the day, there’s a line between working hard and abusing yourself.

You’ve done your best, and you should be proud of that, no matter what anyone tells you.

These were all my tips! I hope they help you survive these last months of school!

Work hard and believe in yourself; because I do.

-Jackie Holmes

“Good night.

I’m tired.

I bet you’re tired.

But we’re awake and alive and that’s enough. Cmon.


-Lin Manuel Miranda, Twitter

PS: 74 days until graduation! 🎓


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